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Haicheng Jin Lun Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Address: Haicheng red light industrial park

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Haicheng Jin Lun Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the South outer ring of the sea and the red light industrial park in Haizhou district. It was founded in the early 80s. It is a mechanical manufacturing enterprise which integrates the development, production and sale of non-metallic mineral powder equipment. It covers an area of 15000 square meters.

For years, the company adheres to the production and management concept of "quality and honesty". Based on the innovation and innovation of powder machinery, the company has developed 4R, 5R, 6R series Raymond machine, high starting point aiming at the cutting edge of fine and ultra-fine powder, developed a type of LSM - 1100, LSM - 900 vertical mill with international leading level, and JL fluidized bed A series of high and new technology equipment and related products, such as the series airflow mill, the JL swirl air flow 3 - 315 type, the JL swirl air flow 315 type grader, and so on. The products are covered all over the country and exported to foreign countries.

All kinds of conventional mining machinery, feeding machinery, series of Hubei crushing machinery, series ball milling machines, series hammer crushing machinery, etc., which are produced by the company, can meet the different needs of the users, and can design and manufacture various types of practical mining equipment according to the actual production of the users.

The company has carried out a series of services such as the production process design of the new powder enterprise, the whole course "consultation" and "treatment" for the operation of the enterprise equipment, and opened the 24 hour hotline and online consulting business, which has been praised by the vast number of users as "the big rear of the enterprise".

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