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Reasons for low output, no output or abnormal output and Solutions

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Reasons for low output, no output or abnormal output and Solutions

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The price of vertical mill is one of the most widely used medium and small milling machine at home and abroad. This kind of grinding machine is simple and convenient, and its performance is stable and reliable. It is the first choice of the customers in the advertising and grinding industry.

Phenomenon: Raymond mill output is low, no output or abnormal output.


1. Material. The dry grinding powder used by Raymond mill, if the moisture content of the material exceeds the standard, or contains other impurities, will be bonded inside the grinding powder. It will not only have a greater impact on the production of Raymond mill. The long time will cause greater damage to the accessories of the grinding machine itself, and if it does not rush early, the consequences are very serious.

2, feed grain size. The general customer has a high demand for the granularity of the pulverizer, because the fineness of the finished product directly affects its economic benefit, but in fact, the feeding strength is also very important, because if the feed size is too large or too small, it will have a great impact on the production and operation of Raymond mill. If the feed is too large, the material is easy to clog at the inlet, and it is not easy to crush the grinding roller and grinding ring. If the feed is too small, it is not easy to form the material cushion in the grinding chamber. The direct collision of the grinding roller and the grinding ring will not only produce great noise, but also the mill will easily produce large vibration and the machine itself is transported. It is also very bad.

3. The fan. The fan mainly provides strong wind support for the mill, and the air volume is too small or too much will affect the mill output. When the air volume is large, the material that does not meet the requirement of product fineness is directly blown into the powder collector, which affects the customer's finished product. If the air volume is too small and the wind is not enough, the mill output will be significantly reduced.

Vertical Pulverizer price

4. Analysis machine. Raymond Mill at dawn heavy industry technology uses the speed regulating motor to drive the analysis machine to carry out the separation of the material. The speed of the analysis machine can be adjusted. The customer buys a Raymond mill. It can adjust the speed of the analysis machine according to the fineness of different finished products. If the speed is too low, the fineness of the finished product will be higher; the speed is too low and the finished product is too low. The coarse-grained particles are much more.

5. Distribution of pipes. The main part of the mill and the auxiliary machine, the pipe part is a complete whole. In general, it is not allowed to be used separately. The height and angle of the pipe are the important factors that affect the output of the mill.

6. Powder collector. The collector of Raymond mill is an important step to complete the separation of the wind powder. The strong wind force produced by the fan turns down after reaching the collector, and the wind gradually decreases, and the finished product falls to the collector under the action of gravity. However, the powder collector can not be used as a finished product tank. Once the material in the powder collector reaches a certain amount, the unloading valve must be unloaded. Otherwise, the material will be recharged through the wind, which will cause more harm.

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