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How to prevent damage caused by mechanical impurities

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How to prevent damage caused by mechanical impurities

Date of release:2018-01-31 Author: Click:

We all know that mechanical impurities are very damaging to machine equipment, as is Raymond mill. Since the mechanical impurities have great influence on Raymond mill, how to prevent the damage caused by impurities? This process needs manufacturers and users to complete together. Let's look at what matters should be done.

Vertical mill manufacturer:

1, it is unquestionable to guarantee the quality of Raymond mill.

2, in addition to avoid impurities into the body, the sealing requirements of the equipment must be done in place, especially the grinding roll assembly, bearing and other moving parts, the sealing ability directly affects the entry probability of impurities;

3, and the manufacturer should provide the user with the corresponding technical guidance, attention cautions and so on, if necessary, the operator can carry on the simple operation training, let the user understand where is the source of harmful impurities, do a good job of prevention.

Use of users:

1, in the operation should be strictly in accordance with the rules of operation, according to the guidance of Raymond Mill technicians to pay attention to the source of impurity entry, the selection of some high quality, supporting parts and grease will be blocked.

2, the equipment parts easy to enter the area of impurities, regular inspection and cleaning, lubricants should be broken time to replace once, after the complete cleaning of the bearings, the new lubricant is added.

3, the dust on Raymond mill equipment should also be cleaned daily and equipment. Check the cleanliness of the components at the time of shutdown, and maintain the rest.

4, the surrounding environment of the mill should be kept clean and well dustproof.

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