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It is very important for vertical mills to maintain and maintain vertical mills.

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It is very important for vertical mills to maintain and maintain vertical mills.

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Vertical mill manufacturer

Maintenance of new rayon machine:

1. During the use of Raymond milling machine, the fixed personnel should be responsible for the management. The operator must have a certain technical level. The Raymond mill must have technical training before the installation of the rayon mill, so as to understand the principle performance of the rayon mill and be familiar with the operating rules.

2. In order to make Raymond mill work properly, the equipment "maintenance and safety operation system" should be formulated to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and necessary maintenance tools and lubricating grease accessories.

3. After the use of Raymond mill for a period of time, it should be overhauled and replaceable parts such as rayon mill roller mill ring scraper and other vulnerable parts should be repaired and replaced, and the roller device should be carefully checked before and after the use of the connecting bolt nut plug, whether there is loose phenomenon, and the lubricating oil is not added foot.

Vertical mill manufacturer

4, when the grinding roller is used more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, the damaged parts should be replaced, and the refueling tools can be manually operated by manual gas or butter gun.


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