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How to effectively deal with noise problem of ball mill ultra fine vertical mill

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How to effectively deal with noise problem of ball mill ultra fine vertical mill

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The super fine vertical mill ball mill is a kind of ore processing machinery equipment used in the grinding of ore. The ball mill can be used for grinding of limestone, dolomite and calcite. It is a equipment which can not be lacking in industry, metallurgical industry and chemical industry.

The ball mill will produce noise in the process of grinding ore and other materials. How to solve the noise problem of ball mill and how to control the noise of the ball mill is the problem that the ball mill users are very concerned about. The Shanghai zhuya mine machinery is simple to say how to control the noise of the ball mill.

The user can use the steel plate to make the shell, and the internal test mainly uses the sound absorbing material or the superfine glass. The ball mill must be completely closed, but the user's use of this method of noise reduction needs to be noticed that the ball mill will produce a large amount of heat when the ball mill is running.

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The user can also add heat resistant and wear-resistant rubber cushions between the inner surface of the roller and the lining plate. In order to prevent the overheating of rubber, the blanket between the lining plate of the ball mill and the rubber should be padded with a certain thickness. In this way, the noise of the ball mill can be reduced.

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