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How to solve the wear problem of the outlet of the super fine vertical mill of jaw crusher

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How to solve the wear problem of the outlet of the super fine vertical mill of jaw crusher

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The jaw crusher of the superfine vertical mill is a special mechanical equipment for the crushing and processing of ore. The jaw crusher is different from the general ore crusher machinery. The jaw crusher can be used for the crushing and processing of granite, diabase and so on, but the ore and other materials will cause the zero of the jaw crusher. The wear of the piece.

During the long time breaking process of the jaw crusher, the wear and the size of the discharge mouth become larger, which leads to the larger grain size of the jaw crusher. Shanghai Zhuo Ya mining machinery tells you how to adjust the size of jaw crusher outlet.

The user can choose the back thrust plate support of the jaw crusher and check the rear wall of the frame, and put a set of gaskets of equal thickness. By increasing the number of gasket layers, the ore drain of the crusher decreases.

 Superfine vertical mill

The user can also realize the adjustment of the crusher's ore drain through the position of the two wedge blocks between the movable thrust plate support and the rear wall of the frame. Turning the screw cap to move the wedge up and down and drive the front wedge to move forward or backward, so as to push the thrust plate or move the Hubei, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore outlet.

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