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Maintenance and operation instructions of ultrafine vertical mill

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Maintenance and operation instructions of ultrafine vertical mill

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Operation description of 1. superfine vertical mill

(1) the relevant operators should wear protective clothing before working, so as to ensure their safety.

(2) before the operation, it is necessary to check the grinder, whether it is normal, and whether there is foreign matter around the machine.

(3) when the pulverizer starts, the voltage should be 380 volts, and the current should not exceed 10 ampere.

(4) during the operation of the equipment, no items can be placed on the motor, so it is easy to be involved in the belt and damage the equipment. Moreover, the operator can not touch the power switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock.

(5) if it is a new crusher, it should be lubricated for the first time after three months.

(6) before the normal production, the pulverizer must be debugged and tested, and can not be ignored.

(7) before the machine is shut down, the pulverizer must dispose of the material in the pulverizer before closing it.

Maintenance and maintenance of 2. ultramicro pulverizer

(1) the worn parts in the pulverizer should be regularly inspected for wear and tear, and whether they need to be replaced.

(2) regularly check bearings, grading wheels, triangle belts and so on. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with promptly.

(3) equipment is lubricated to ensure its service life.

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