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How to control the grinding fineness of the ultra fine vertical mill of ball mill to achieve the perfect grinding effect?

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How to control the grinding fineness of the ultra fine vertical mill of ball mill to achieve the perfect grinding effect?

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Superfine vertical mill

As we all know, as a common flour mill equipment, ball mill equipment in mineral processing plant needs a very high cost, is an important equipment for grinding production. The grinding fineness of the ball mill has a great influence on the gradation of mineral aggregate and the recovery rate of the material. With the rapid development of domestic mining industry, ball mills have also put forward strict requirements for the fineness of steel ball grinding. Therefore, how to effectively control the grinding fineness has always been the concern of most mining machinery enterprises and customers. Here, our experts will give users some suggestions on how to use the ball mill to achieve the perfect grinding effect.

1. The wear degree of the blade of a ball mill is a core problem we need to care about. When the blade is worn, few materials will be fed back, which will cause the grinding fineness to become larger.

2, strong wear will affect the life of the ball mill and reduce its service life. Therefore, users should try their best to reduce the wear and tear between the parts of the ball mill.

3, we should also pay attention to the speed of the ball mill. The rapid or too slow rotation will lead to serious equipment problems. Therefore, the speed should be adjusted properly before and during the operation and operation of the ball mill and classifier to ensure the fine performance of the shearer.

4. The size and height of the opening of the ball mill play an important role in the mineral processing process. The larger the opening, the larger the feed volume, the thinner the grinding material, and vice versa.

Superfine vertical milling machine

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