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Vertical mills solution to fault machinery

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Vertical mills solution to fault machinery

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No matter what the vertical mill factory, his life is limited, especially a piece of goods, in the process of use, it is unavoidable to appear all kinds of conditions, and the key to the problem is how to deal with these conditions. As a large-scale ore grinding equipment, flour mill is difficult to avoid failure due to its special object. So Yu Hung here to tell you how to solve these problems in the flour mill.

The general conditions of the mill are as follows:

1, do not powder (under normal circumstances suddenly do not powder or less powder);

2, the powder is too thick or thin.

3, the mainframe is frequently stopped and the temperature is too high.

4, the main engine is loud and vibrated; the blower vibrate;

5, reducer and analysis machine fever;

6, grinding shaft device into powder and so on.

Most of these failures are closely related to the daily maintenance of the mill. Yu Hong reminding you that you must pay attention to daily maintenance measures in the use of the mill. Now let me give you a little advice on how to maintain small knowledge.

1, first of all, we check whether the powder valve and the gas lock are stuck or open frequently, blocking the leakage of the pipeline and whether the valve of the check valve is open. Check whether the roller device is dead. Change the height of the pipe and increase the angle at the elbow.

2, then adjust the speed and air volume of the analyzer and clean up the powder in the gas return box and the pipeline.

3, if the main engine is shut down frequently, check whether the relay is lower than the rated current of the motor.

4, when the machine is obviously vibrant, the machine should be stopped and the anchor bolts should be tightened to check whether there is any loosening in other parts of the equipment.

5, remove leaf ash or change leaves; check the viscosity of oil and maintain moderate oil viscosity.

6, adjust the bearing clearance. Every time you turn on the engine, you should lubricate and clean regularly.

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