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What is the role of the vertical mill for plum blossoms?

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What is the role of the vertical mill for plum blossoms?

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The vertical mill is a plum blossom rack. Light can be known from its name. Its shape and structure are like shelves of plum blossoms. What position does the plum blossom stand play in the Raymond machine?

Raymond mill is made up of many components, and the plum flower rack can be counted as a link. The raymond grinder is a part with a triangular shape, as important as the roller mill ring, connecting parts of the mill ring inside the rayon mill to each other. In the work of the mill, the main engine drives the center axis to move through the transmission device, the upper end of the center axis is connected with a main part of the plum flower frame, the roller shaft is installed on the plum flower frame, the plum flower frame is driven by the main engine drive and rotates quickly, the grinding ring is fixed, the electromagnetic vibration feeder can deliver the material in a quantitative, even and continuous delivery. In the main engine, it is milled between the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

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At this point, the plum rack has taken on a lot of weight, including the general 3 roller assembly, each of the grinding roll has a total of about 200 kilograms in Chengdu. How does the big weight plum blossom stand be borne? If the plum flower frame which is produced by the general material will be easily deformed in production, it is because of the great weight that the Raymond Mumei flower frame produced by the Central Plains of Songshan is more advanced in technology, with high hardness and good wear resistance. All the plum shelves are cast steel, which can bear a great deal of weight. Quantity. In addition to the material, the manufacturing and processing methods are also important, such as the hard nickel iron roll used for metal die or centrifugal casting, with a hardness of 700HB and only 500HB by sand mold casting.

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