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How can we use ultra-fine vertical mill to save electricity?

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How can we use ultra-fine vertical mill to save electricity?

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At present, the ultra fine vertical mill is exploited and utilized in our country. The energy saving and environmental protection has become the first goal of the industrial development of our country. Therefore, the purchase of grinding powder equipment must buy the small power consumption equipment, which not only conforms to the national standard, but also saves the expenses, and it is both the best. For the use of Raymond mill manufacturers is a little more provincial, so how to use Raymond mill to save electricity is very necessary, saving electricity, can save a part of the expenses, which is a better thing for saving the factory operating costs.

Next, Xiaobian will give you a few tips on saving electricity in Raymond mill.

First, for Raymond mill operators, the right way is to maintain a uniform and uniform feeding speed, not too fast or too slow. If the feed speed is too fast, it will increase the running load of the mill, which will increase the power consumption; if the speed is too slow, it will cause the equipment to idle and waste electricity.

Second, the materials must be neither too thick nor too thin. It is best to control the size of the feed properly. If the granularity is too large, the grinding time in the regrinding chamber will be longer and the grinding time will be longer, so the power consumption will increase.

Superfine vertical mill

Third, for the use of Raymond Mill staff, we should always check to maintain smooth discharge of powder, and can not happen to clogging phenomenon. If there is a large amount of powder stored inside, the resistance will increase when running, so the electricity consumption will also cause waste.

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