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The small price secret of buying and buying Raymond machine and vertical mill

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The small price secret of buying and buying Raymond machine and vertical mill

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When the price of vertical mill is chosen, the sale of Raymond machine wants to choose a good and cheap product. After all, the quality of all kinds of equipment is uneven in the industry. Today, Yu Hong heavy industries is here to talk with you about some elements of the purchase of Raymond machine.

First, check the welding technology of the whole equipment of Raymond machine.

The quality of a device can be preliminarily determined in appearance. If a machine can't satisfy the appearance, then the quality problem is much less. Only on the basis of skilled and serious technology can a good machine be made, such as the appearance of the tiger, then the equipment in general will give a careless feeling. When you choose and buy, the first thing you see is the appearance of the dead product, the next is the internal quality and the material used, and the appearance is just a workmanship. Look at how the weld is done and see whether the links in each seal are neat. These all determine the quality of the whole body of Raymond mill and the true quality of the equipment. To see the inside of the equipment, appearance is only a preliminary examination.

Superfine vertical milling machine

Two, check the inner material of Raymond machine:

In the interior of Raymond mill, the main point is to see the main engine, and the main parts of the mill can be seen directly. The main parts of the mill can be seen directly. The main parts of the mill can be seen first, the air duct is located at the bottom of the interior of the grinding chamber, the surface of the air duct is smooth and smooth, the no crack is not concave, and the grinding roll and grinding ring should be seen, the grinding roll and the grinding ring are the most important parts. The grinding function of the whole Raymond mill is accomplished by grinding roller and grinding ring, so the quality of the grinding roller and grinding ring is very important. 08 years ago, the material of the grinding roller and grinding ring was selected by 65Mn. This material is slightly hardened to ordinary steel, the content of manganese is 2-3%, and it is also a wear-resistant material, but for 08 years, After that, gradually changed into Mn13, this manganese steel, manganese content reached 10-13%, more strong and wear-resistant, better than 65Mn several times, is this material is not very good processing, too hard, and the price is relatively high, so the use of this material roller and grinding ring, invisible in the increase of Raymond mill production costs, some The low manufacturer's Raymond mill price is low and will continue to use the fragile parts of 65Mn material. So, when the user is buying, it can distinguish the material by testing quality. It is very simple to distinguish the method, take a magnet and suck one to understand, Mn13 is not a little magnetic, 65Mn has magnetic, can adsorb. Identification of grinding roller grinding ring is on the one hand, on the other hand is to see the seal of bearing parts, whether there is oil leakage phenomenon.

To see the whole assembly of Raymond mill, it is mainly to see the connection between the fan and the mainframe, whether the seal washer is smooth and smooth. If the sealing washer is twisted or uneven, the seal is not well sealed when the installation is installed, the leakage will occur, and the output can be directly affected by the link of the upper and lower parts of the Mongol mill. To see if the host is strictly assembled in accordance with the requirements, when the host is assembled, it is necessary to seal the cotton ring in the middle link, and the sealing cotton circle can not be damaged. After the cotton ring is put into the cotton circle, the link screw is tightened, the cotton ring will be in the same shape with the flange, and can not be protruded too much and can not be recessed too much, otherwise, it will be all It has a direct impact on the quality of the host. The last thing to see is that all the components of the complete Raymond mill are carefully checked for damaged and unqualified parts. Generally speaking, Raymond mill, produced by the regular manufacturers, will have a complete set of testing methods, either in the workmanship or in the selection of materials, and will be produced strictly according to the requirements of the national standard, so that the manufacturers are born. The mill can be purchased boldly and boldly. Besides, these manufacturers have done better in after-sale and service, which relieved users' worries.

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