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The development of vertical mill and the change of structure design, the price of vertical mill.

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The development of vertical mill and the change of structure design, the price of vertical mill.

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Vertical mill sells vertical mill is a vertical mill. The use of vertical mill has been in the history of more than ten years. In spite of the high efficiency of grinding equipment, such as roller mill, extrusion mill, and so on, the industry still uses the vertical mill as the main grinding equipment.

The original vertical mill is the cylinder of the length equal to the diameter or the cone shaped spindle at both ends. It is used for grinding in the mineral processing industry. Later, due to the improvement of the grinding fineness, the simplified body is lengthened so that the length of the simplified body is more than 2 times the diameter. This is the tube mill.

In order to meet the needs of large-scale production, the development trend of vertical mills is large scale. At present, a large vertical mill 6.0mx20m has been developed, with a transmission power of 10000kw. Recently, the cement plant of Nissan clinker 5500t, built abroad, is equipped with 3 5.0mX14.5m large tube mills for grinding cement.

The function of vertical mill is also diversified. At first, the Vertical Pulverizer only had the function of grinding. Later, the vertical pulverizer has the function of drying in order to meet the need of making raw material in dry cement plant. The kiln tail gas can be used as a heat source and sent into the mill to dry the material while grinding. This makes the air swept vertical mill and the tail unloading lifting cycle ball mill. This type of vertical mill is highly dispersed and exposed and suspended in the hot gas flow. The heat exchange is carried out rapidly. The moisture of the material is evaporated quickly, and it can be dried instantly.

Because the tube mill is relatively long, from the feed end to the unloading end, the particle size of the material has changed greatly. In order to adapt to the change of material granularity and optimize the grinding conditions, the materials of various size range must be grinded in different sizes of grinding medium, so people are divided into two or several storehouses with a septum plate, which is a multi bin mill. The first compartment of a vertical mill with drying function is a drying bin, usually a double stand vertical mill.

Vertical Pulverizer price

Conform to the change of particle size in ball mill, the average size of grinding medium in each warehouse should be reduced. Therefore, the second medium (usually the last warehouse) of the tube mill is the grinding medium. Because the contact between steel section and steel section and material particles is line contact, the contact point of steel ball and steel ball and the point of steel ball and material is much more, it can produce more grinding and peeling effect on material particles, which is beneficial to fine particle grinding.

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