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Vertical mill manufacturer answers whether the material needs drying before grinding mill.

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Vertical mill manufacturer answers whether the material needs drying before grinding mill.

Date of release:2018-01-31 Author: Click:

Many friends of vertical mill manufacturers do not know much about Raymond mill, so some people always ask: does Raymond Mill need to dry before grinding raw material? We just want to grind raw materials! We should not need to dry it? I believe a lot of users have such questions. Today, we will discuss it with you.

Vertical mill manufacturer

First of all, Raymond mill uses the grinding difference between the grinding ring and the grinding roller to crush the raw materials. Therefore, the humidity of raw materials is limited. The humidity of raw materials should be kept at about 7%. Too wet is required to dry raw materials. For example, the coal industry will often use the dryer. However, under different conditions, the requirements for wet nature are different, such as stone plant, because most of the stone plant is open air operation, the weather is good, it is not needed drying machine drying.

When grinding stones, there is no need for driers. Many of the stones are dry powder operations. When the weather is good, no dryer is needed. Regardless of any raw material, it is necessary to dry if too wet, so that the speed of pulverizing can be accelerated.

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