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What are the purchasing skills of hammers for manufacturers of vertical mills?

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What are the purchasing skills of hammers for manufacturers of vertical mills?

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Vertical mill factory is a processing machine commonly used in ore crushing processing. Hammer crusher is mainly used to crack the ore and other materials by hammerhead. So the hammer head is a very easy to wear part for the hammer crusher. Shanghai Zhuo Ya mining machinery reminds users of hammer crusher maintenance key is hammer crusher hammer.

A good crusher hammer can extend the service life of the crusher and improve the working efficiency of the crusher. The wear resistance of hammer head of hammer crusher is very critical. At present, the material of hammer head is manganese steel, high chromium material and alloy material. The main wear mode of the hammer is the impact chiseling, and the different specifications of the crusher, because of the different size of the hammer head and the different working conditions, its wear failure mode is different.

Vertical mill manufacturer

The main factors affecting the hammer head wear of hammer crusher are material entry and grain size; the raw material of rainy season or rainy day will also affect the life of the hammer; the working parts of the hammer wear to a certain extent or not, and the service life of the hammer is also affected. The selection of hammer crusher depends on the selection of hammer head of hammer crusher.

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