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What are the factors that affect the production capacity of ultra fine vertical mills?

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What are the factors that affect the production capacity of ultra fine vertical mills?

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The jaw crusher of the superfine vertical mill is a common mechanical equipment for crushing ore. The crushing ability of the jaw crusher can break up a lot of ore. Shanghai zhuya mining machinery and people say which factors affect the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

In each broken production line, the jaw crusher's movement rule has an influence on the breaking force, and its movement mode is complex. The running track of the jaw crusher equipment meets the requirement of increasing the compression quantity when the large material is broken.

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The crushing strength of the jaw crusher in the broken production line of the industry includes the viscosity, hardness and compressive strength, and the compressive strength of different materials is different. The crushing force produced by the jaw crusher is different, so the calculation formula of the crushing force should include the parameters of the mechanical properties of material.

When the jaw crusher tooth plate is moving, the force of the upper and lower two parts is not synchronous, and in some interval is phase deviate, so the jaw crusher equipment is different in the size of the crushing force in different intervals.

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