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Vertical Pulverizer

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Vertical Pulverizer

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Detailed introduction

JL series vertical mill is an ideal equipment for grinding industry, which integrates crushing, grinding and grading transportation. It can be widely used in calcium carbonate, talcum, iron powder, carbon black, bentonite, molybdenum powder, limestone, wollastonite, dolomite, mica, superfine cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on. It is used to grind lump, granular and powdery raw materials into the required powder materials.

Main structure: the mill is mainly composed of powder separator, grinding roller device, grinding disc device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, fan, shell and so on.

Working principle: the motor drives the millstone through the reducer, and the material falls into the center of the millstone through the feeder from the feed port. With the rotation of the grinding disc, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of the centrifugal force. When the ring groove on the grinding disc is crushed by the grinding roller, the material after the grinding is brought up at the edge of the grinding disc by high speed air flow, and the large particles are directly grinded to the grinding disc, and the material in the air flow is in the upper separator. Under the action of rotary rotor, coarse powder is re ground from cone to grinding disc, and qualified fine powder is discharged along with air flow. By adjusting the separator, different thickness and fineness can be achieved.

This machine has been widely used in calcium carbonate, talc, iron powder, carbon black, bentonite, molybdenum powder, limestone, wollastonite, superfine cement and so on.


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