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A new type of superfine Raymond Mill

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A new type of superfine Raymond Mill

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Detailed introduction

A new type of superfine Raymond Mill

In recent years, with the extensive development of non-metallic minerals in the application field of ultrafine powders, the demand for non-metallic minerals in downstream enterprises is getting higher and higher. In particular, there is a higher requirement for the fineness of the product, which makes the traditional Raymond grinding out of the heart. The deficiency of the traditional Raymond mill has been plaguing the mineral processing enterprises and equipment manufacturers. The main problems are as follows:

The fineness of the product is usually below 500 mesh. The equipment can only occupy the lower end of the powder application market.

Machine failure rate is high, energy consumption is big, noise is big, emission pollution is big.

System efficiency is low, product collection system separation effect is not ideal, a large number of fine powder can not be effectively collected in the system to repeat the cycle to cause power waste.

The design of the main engine air duct air duct is deficient. The larger particles in the material of the grinding area and the grinded particles in the future are often thrown into the tail of the worm box, and continue to extend forward, so that the air volume is gradually reduced, and it is easy to cause the appearance of the traffic, no powder or powder, and influence the output.

Our company has been designing and producing Raymond mill for many years, and recently developed XR type high density flour mill (Patent No. 252871.1).

The problem is solved perfectly.

Process characteristics

The main shaft and the plum blossom frame have been operated in a stable way to make the structure stable, and the central shaft area has no swing. The analysis machine is changed from the inside drag type to the outer cavity hanging inside the drive cavity rotating two isolation, which enhances the stability and durability of the work. In the crushing zone, the material to be grinded is always gathered in the grinding and crushing area for effective processing, thus improving the grinding efficiency. The structure of the roller is also updated to make the grinding roller and the grinding roll shaft run complementary. It can also be rotate at the same time, so that its efficiency and durability are stronger, and it can work at a higher grinding force and higher running speed. In the ventilation part, the air duct and air duct are changed from the original bottom to the center, and the bucket shape is formed to ensure that the air duct and the air duct are unblocked all the time, so that the air volume will not be attenuated all the time, and the main engine mill can always be in high value. The classifier adopts the cage type grading system, which greatly improves the product fineness.

The new Raymond mill can be used for ultra-fine grinding of calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, barite, quartzite, fluorite and other non-metallic minerals. Through the practice test, the calcite with the feed size of 25mm is selected for grinding. When the fineness is adjusted to 1250 mesh (10um), the output can reach 800-2000kg/h, which is more cost-effective than the traditional Raymond mill.

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