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Detailed introduction


Working principle

After the material is fed into the classifier by the feeding mechanism, the graded material is passed through the preselected area first, so that the particles are completely dispersed. Under the action of graded vortex force, coarse and fine powder is separated. The fine powder that meets the particle size requirement enters the fine powder capture system through the grading wheel. The coarse powder and the agglomerate fine powder are reduced to the two inlet, and the spiral centrifugal updraft produced by the cascade is used to rinse the material strongly, so that the fine powder is separated again. The fine powder enters the classification area with the ascending airflow; the coarse powder is lowered to the air inlet once, and receives a strong washing of the incoming air flow, and the pure coarse powder is discharged out of the machine. The horizontal grading wheel has precise cutting dimension to ensure that the fine powder does not contain large particles. This classifier has very high classification accuracy, efficiency and fineness.

At present, most of the powder produced by the powder production equipment is the mixed powder with dispersed particle size, and in practical application, only a certain grain size or a particle size can meet the needs of the user. The classifier is a sorting equipment which provides a fine particle size interval from the mixed powder. It can be used to separate the fine powder from the ordinary crushing equipment, such as ball mill, Raymond machine, airflow mill, impact mill and so on. It can remove the coarse or fine particles in the powder in time, effectively solve the phenomenon of entrainment and achieve the purpose of controlling the particle size distribution.


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