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Bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of material without grinding and grinding. Bucket elevator is also a hoop bucket elevator, which adopts excavated charging, mixing or gravity unloading. High - strength alloy steel circular chain with high quality alloy steel. The central shell is divided into two forms, including single and double channels. The sprocket adopts a replaceable rim combination structure with long service life and simple wheel flange replacement. The lower part adopts the gravity automatic tensioning device, which can keep the constant tensioning force and avoid skidding or delinking. At the same time, the hopper has a certain tolerance in the case of accident caused by accidental factors, and it can effectively protect the parts of the lower shaft. It is suitable for conveying bulk density of less than 1.5t/m3, such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, fertilizer, grain and other materials.

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